Governor's Conference on Tourism Awards

The Governor’s Conference on Tourism Awards recognize individuals, businesses and organizations that have distinguished themselves through their work and contributed to the growth of tourism in Maine.

General Award Categories

Marketing & Promotion

Leadership & Growth

Innovation & Creativity

Key Award

Governor's Award for Tourism Excellence


Marketing & Promotion Award

This company/organization/person has produced a creative and successful marketing and promotion campaign that can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Advertising

  • Online promotions

  • Public/media relations

  • Direct mail

  • Social media

Leadership & Growth Award

This company/organization/person not only strives to grow its own business, but also works with others within the industry to grow tourism in Maine. This might be manifested as leadership roles in:

  • Local, regional and statewide tourism initiatives

  • Volunteer work with tourism related organizations

  • Involvement with grassroots efforts

  • Job creation

  • Reinvests through upgrades and expansions

  • Triple bottom line of economy, environment and community

Innovation & Creativity Award

This company/organization/person differentiates itself through innovation. Innovation can be manifested in a number of different areas:

  • Product development

  • Use of new technology

  • Adapting business practices based on travel and tourism trends

  • Creation of innovative collaborations or partnerships

*Governor's Award for Tourism Excellence*

Tourism excellence is a combination of all that epitomizes a true hospitality leader - a business, organization or person with a steadfast commitment to employees, customers and community as well as to the tourism industry in Maine overall. Please provide as much detail as possible in each of those areas.

Nomination Instructions & Guidelines

Checklist for each award nomination:

(Please be sure your nomination includes each of the items on this checklist.)

Completed nomination form (provided)

A brief narrative (max 400 words) of the company/organization/individual, a description of the products and/or services provided and any other pertinent information that distinguishes the company/organization/individual such as awards, volunteerism, philanthropic work, etc.

At least two (2) letters of support

The following suggestions, none of which are mandatory, may help guide your narrative and nomination information:

  • Prior awards and/or recognition if any

  • Any additional comments that you feel are important in considering this company/organization/person for the award

  • Remember, in preparing your nomination, that the group reviewing the materials and selecting the recipient may not be familiar with the company/organization/person. Be sure that your nomination "tells the story" of the company/organization/person and select a category that best exemplifies the achievements of the company/organization/person.

Deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, January 21, 2022. 

Awards will be presented at the Conference Awards Ceremony Luncheon in Portland on April 14, 2022. The winners will be notified in advance. For more information on the nomination process, contact Jennifer Geiger at 207-592-2236 or

Persons submitting nominations should limit submissions to one nominee per category.

Please note: State employees and/or agencies are not eligible for nomination.

The deadline for receipt of nominations was January 21, 2022.
The nomination process is now closed for 2022.