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My #MaineThing


Submission Deadline: February 17, 2023

This year's Governor's Conference on Tourism will feature of handful of PechaKucha stories, themed in the spirit of the Office of Tourism's VisitMaine #MaineThing hashtag. These are stories of Mainers, by Mainers, who love Maine.

Interested in being one of our storytellers? You don't need to be a professional - anyone can do it!

What is PechaKucha (PK):

PechaKucha is a presentation format where you have a prescribed number of slides with each advancing a prescribed number of seconds. For example, using our 20x20 format, your presentation would be 20 slides for 20 seconds each or 400 total seconds. We also offer a few other formats - 5x5 (5 slides, 5 seconds), 10x10 (10 slides, 10 seconds), and 1x20 (one slide, 20 seconds). This presentation format started in Japan in 2003 and means 'chit chat' in Japanese.


Why does it work:

for you the storyteller, this PK format forces you to stay on topic and focus on the most important details. For your audience, people can't read and listen at the same time. By skipping a 'normal' powerpoint and all of the bullets, people will focus on what you're actually saying. PK has been proven to help people become better storytellers and increase listener engagement and retention.


Examples of PK presentations:

Here are a few of my favorites: Zachary Lieberman talks about an amazing project to help an artist create again. Liz Fisher gives a fun talk about what she learned at business school. Our most watched PK to date (100,000+ views) by PhD Mike Dickison, what exactly is Big Bird.

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